elsa :: 8 month update

Didn’t I just post her 6 month update!?

Well, here we are already, Elsa at 8 months old ::

Weight :: 25lbs

Teeth :: Two bottom in since December. Currently cutting four top teeth ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! They have all broken through the gums. After these, I am hoping we will have a break in teething. So many, so fast…no fun.

Sleeping :: Not big on daytime naps, unless riding in the car which is good since we are on the go so much. She likes to be worn in the Tula baby carrier and will fall to sleep fast while in it. Nighttime sleeping has varied with her growth spurts in the last few months. She likes to go to bed late and sleep in late.

Eating :: She is still mostly nursing. Loves peas, bananas, apples, blueberries, carrots and salmon.

Hobbies :: She is a water baby, contented to stay in the water whether it is in her bath or at the pool. Playing peek-a-boo, her piano, clapping and smiling round out most of her days.

While she still is not crawling, her latest discovery is that the furniture is the perfect height to pull herself up on.  Cruising between the ottomans and the couches has become a favorite activity.

Just look at her go…!





I can vividly remember taking this photo of Ari at 8 months, standing proudly after pulling himself up on the same ottoman, just a few short years ago.

Here is a link to that post (with a video!) :: 8 months old!.




happy birthday to our littlest boy :: {ari turns 5!}

Five years ago today, in the early morning hours, Jason and I sat quietly together in the dimly lighted living room of our home in Belgium. I was full of belly with our third child, our third boy.

Contractions had started coming on earlier the evening before and were becoming more frequent, but remained mild. So we sat waiting, waiting for them to start to come on stronger and longer. I instinctively felt the time was nearing to welcome our baby boy, but my water hadn’t broken like it had with our other two. There was no true sign that told us to go to the hospital. However, I remained uneasy and unable to calm myself enough to sleep.

It had been a fear of mine since becoming pregnant while living in the big city of Brussels that I would go into labor during the daytime when traffic was always horrendous and Jason was a good 25-30 minute drive away. In my mind, nighttime was when I had hoped to deliver our baby. Finally around 3:00am Jason said he would call for our friend, Carmen, to come and stay with the boys. The first two births were fast ones and he was a little nervous about making it to the hospital once I started progressing.

Carmen arrived in a flash. Excited for us, she said not to worry about Alex and Andy, wished us luck and we were out the door on our way to the hospital. Driving there we were hoping they wouldn’t tell us to go back home because it wasn’t quite time. We arrived at the hospital, parked the car and we walked (I waddled) holding hands in the rain through the emergency room entrance of the hospital.

Things got underway pretty quickly after we checked in…

William Ari Zolton was born on January 13th @ 7:25 am. He was 6.5lbs and 20in at birth.


He ranks third in comparison to birth weight and height of our four children.


Today he measures taller than Alex and Andy at 5 years.




Ari is no longer the youngest of the family, but he will always be my baby boy.

Happy 5th birthday to our green-eyed love!



four weeks old & one from the archives :: alex’s first fest

Four weeks old and just as sweet as she can be.



As more of our friends and neighbors meet her, there are long gazes and speculation of who she most looks like. It is hard to say for certain. She is a great mix of all three boys, in one moment she can resemble Andy and the next Ari. Just yesterday, Papa commented that she looked like Alex in a dress!

What are your thoughts?


Nicknames so far :: Elsa-bel, Elsie, Elsa-baby, and Elsa-pie
Weight :: a few ounces shy of 10 lbs (at birth :: 8 lb 4 oz)
Length :: 21.25 in (at birth :: 20.5in)


Every year, on the third weekend in July, our village has a fest with a huge beer tent, bands, rides and games. We headed down Saturday night and again on Monday. Taking Elsa to her first fest at only a few weeks old made us remember when we took Alex to his first fest when he was a few weeks old, the Nuremberg Altstadtfest.

firstfest alex

Tomorrow is the last day of school and boy are we ever ready for summer break!!



doings :: this past week {6-12 july}

Last week, the two week honeymoon following Elsa’s birth ended. It was time to start adjusting back to daily life, now with a new baby. We took it slow, keeping our days mostly unscheduled.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to.

:: Registering Elsa’s birth with the village of Landstuhl (where she was born).
:: Filling out all the paperwork and gathering needed documents to apply for her SSN, Passport and Report of Birth Abroad. It is quite a process.
:: Sadly saying goodbye to Papa each morning as he returned to work.
:: Feeling grateful for successful pumping, bottle feeding and an awesome husband who gave me a few hours out with girlfriends at the Italian Nights fest in Kusel on Friday night.
:: Scheduling 6 week postpartum/well baby check-ups.
:: Celebrating reaching pre-pregnancy weight by packing up the maternity wardrobe that was generously lended to me (thanks Tiff!).
:: Planning a Jurassic World themed birthday party for our oldest who is turning 10(!!!) in a few weeks.
:: Loving this sweet song Ari made up and sings for Elsa (turn up the volume!) “Go to Sleep Little Elsa”

:: Counting down the last days of school.
:: Picking cherries from the trees in our garden.
:: Packing up newborn size clothes/cloth diapers that are already too small.
:: Watching this sweet little girl as she naps on the porch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

:: Holding her close.
:: Kissing her soft cheeks.
:: Falling more and more in love with her.


Still in disbelief that she is really ours!