motherhood on the ICE train

The ICE (InterCity Express) is a high-speed train, with speeds up to 300km/hr, that connects all major cities in Germany and includes international connections to surrounding countries.  While it is a time saver, much is missed by taking this train.  There are fewer stops along the route and the beautiful scenery zooms by in a blur out the window.

This is often how I feel about Motherhood. The phrase ‘It’s all going by too fast‘ sits on my lips.
Every. Single. Day.
If I could make it slow down, switch to a regional (slower train), I would.
In a heartbeat.

Perhaps that is the root of my passion for photography.  Wanting to capture every moment I can so that in slower moments I can pour over them again, and again.  Relive the moments. Feel them again.

I know it has been quiet here on the blog. I usually compose all our posts from our desktop computer and sitting down do so has been a challenge. Any social media, emailing and messaging is done from a mobile device (Instagram and WhatsApp have really been my on-the-go sharing apps). I just haven’t gotten the hang of how to blog like that and quite honestly, I do not think I want to. So thanks for sticking around with a listening ear.

As we are going into Mother’s Day weekend, I want to share a few things I am ‘hearting’ on right now.

The first is this by Lisa Jo Baker :: When You Still Need Your Mom and She’s Not There Anymore. Her writing speaks my heart.

Next, is this song, Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman. It speaks all those emotions I feel as mother to my four babes as I ride this marvelous train called Motherhood.

Wishing all the wonderful Mother’s, who I adore, out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!



this moment :: 8 may

I just keep falling in love… ARIThisMoment8May

We’ve got a celebratory weekend ahead of us. Starting with Andy’s birthday party with friends tomorrow. On Sunday we will celebrate a special Mother’s Day as it falls on Andy’s birthday this year! Steak, cake, and gifts!!

Wishing a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend to all the nurturing, amazing women I am blessed with having in my life.



{joining :: soulemama}

“The love of a Mother is like no other.”

To all the Mothers I adore,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Each of you are a daily inspiration in my own journey through Motherhood.

In celebration, I am sharing two sweet, touching videos with you…they both had me sobbing. The first is a sweet video cover song of Coldplay’s Yellow by a fantastic duo Renee & Jeremy. The second, Mighty, is an interpretation of a touching poem by the inspiring Lisa-Jo Baker.



Wishing you a fabulous day!