{52 project} :: 2016 edition

It has been a few years, since I first completed the {52 project} of weekly photos in 2013. It was a rewarding project that recorded a moment each week. I adore that collection of photos and have each week’s photo printed and framed in a gallery on our bedroom wall. That collection can be found digitally here :: {52 project}, 2013 edition or in the archives listed under project {52} :: a portrait a week {52} :: 2013.

We are nearing the end of the first full week of 2016 and I am excited to share with you the first photo in the {52 project}, 2016 edition. Yes, I am reviving the {52 project} this year!


I am looking forward to sharing with you each week.



52/52 :: {52 project}



So here it is, the final photo in the {52 project}. I made it all 52 weeks!!

This project really pushed me take my camera out each week and experiment with it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Your sweet comments encouraged me to see the project through all 52 weeks! Thanks for supporting me when I often wonder if anyone looks at this blog!

So what should my next project be!?

Much love to all,

mel ♥♥♥