one from the archives :: papa and alex {october 2005}


Throwing it back to a sweet moment captured between father and first born son.  Alex was a little over two months old.

Jay is an amazing Papa to our boys and partner in parenthood.  I am so looking forward to him meeting his little girl…soon!

Wishing all the great Dads we know a very Happy Father’s day!



one from the archives :: three boys in the tub {2011}

Throwing it back to 2011. The boys trying out our new claw foot tub, shortly after moving into our new house in Germany. threeboysinatub2011

Even now they enjoy taking baths together. Usually only two at a time since they are bigger. When they finish and are all clean, the floor is flooded with water from practicing swimming techniques and water fights that break out. I take a deep breathe and think to myself, “That’s one way to get the floor washed!”
Ah, these fleeting childhood years.



April wrap up

April started off slow as we began the month enjoying a little break from our routines and celebrated Easter. Then life picked back up and the days seemed to fly off the calendar. Now, here we are already at the end of another month! Before we say goodbye to April, here are a few snapshots from our month.

This year the boys got a lot more creative with their egg coloring. We then headed outside and played ‘egg hunt’ for several hours as they took turns at hiding the eggs.

Despite the snow, the annual County Fair Kinderfest & Egg Hunt put on by Jay’s work was a huge success again this year. Yes, storm troopers and the Easter bunny!

Our fruit trees are in bloom. I am hoping for another great harvest year. It is really something to go into your own yard and pick apples, cherries, berries, and plums. A young walnut tree was planted into our yard this year, too! Despite my failed attempt to transplant them last fall, the Peonies are standing tall. It has become one of my favorite flowers.

The photo on the left was taken by Ari from his perspective. We call it ‘Bump in the Sky’. I can barely see my toes now as this bump gets bigger and BIGGER! Back aches and difficulty bending over are just a few of the joys of third trimester. I keep telling myself, ‘almost there’!

Andy will turn 7 next month!! Here he is being silly wearing Harry Potter glasses.


It has warmed up enough to enjoy one of our favorites eats, flammkuchen, at the castle on the hill above our house.

We encountered a flock of sheep grazing on our way to swim class. To see them up close like this is truly cool.

I was feeling kinda crafty one afternoon and decided to complete a project that has been sitting in the garage for awhile. More on this in an upcoming post.

Sending much love to all of you.