Sunday afternoon cooking class with Muy Bueno

Authentic Mexican food is one thing that is hard to come by here in Germany.
So when I came across an event posted on the facebook page,  Muy Bueno Cookbook Germany , I signed up!
On Sunday, a girlfriend and I shared the afternoon cooking with the lovely Veronica, co-author of Muy Bueno Cookbook. She hosted an intimate, 8 person, cooking class in her home.


The menu included: Black Olive Tapa with Tomato Tapa Crostini, Chicken Paella with a Mexican twist, Lemon & Raspberry Sorbet and Mexican Sangria.










It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. The recipes came together effortlessly and were delicious.


Here is the recipe for Seafood Paella. We just substituted chicken breast cut into medallion size. The twist that makes it ‘Mexican’ is the addition of cayenne pepper and chile powder for that added kick!

Seafood Paella

Here is the recipe for Mexican Sangria. It was mentioned that a variation of the recipe is to make it with canned fruit including the juice.

Mexican Sangria

The class inspired me to try my hand at making homemade flour tortillas today. Elsa was right there to help me roll the tortillas out!

Flour Tortillas



I also tried the Chicken Fajita recipe from the Muy Bueno cookbook blog with the fresh, warm tortillas!

Chicken Fajitas 





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