Although it was technically a short week with President’s Day on Monday, the week felt extra long.  Alex was home sick starting mid-day Tuesday and made a home on the couch for the remainder of the week.

On Thursday, Ari’s kindergarten hosted a ‘wild’ party with costumes and dancing.  Ari, who dressed as a skeleton for the past 3 years, chose a ninja costume for this year’s party.  See pictures here :: Fasching 2017 Kusel Kindergarten

Andy’s school also had a Fasching party on Friday. He dressed as Captain Fasma from Star Wars.

Fasching celebrations are in full swing.  You can read more about how it is celebrated in Germany here .  The boys are off school Monday and Tuesday. We may try to catch the Mainz Fasching parade on Monday and hit Bosiland, an indoor play place, on Tuesday.

But, here we are today, a lazy Saturday.  The kind beginning with coffee in bed, hours spent outside this afternoon and ending the day snuggled up for family movie night.

Wishing you a glorious Sunday.






2 weeks until Florida!!!!2 weeks until Florida!!!!2 weeks until Florida!!!!2 weeks until Florida!!!!

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