a little over 9 months

It’s been a little over nine months since I last shared here.

A little over nine months and that train I wrote about in my last post, motherhood on the ICE train, continued to speed on.

It sped on through Spring, Andy’s 8th birthday, Elsa’s first steps, Elsa’s 1st birthday, our summer vacation in America, Alex’s 11th birthday, Fall break, our annual trip to Spain, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas of 2016. Now, almost two full months into 2017, the start of the new year and both Papa and Ari’s birthdays have rushed past.

Nothing has slowed down, but something has shifted. Maybe it is the promise of Spring around the corner or the reality of sunny Florida in a few weeks. I am not sure really. Whatever is provoking it, the desire to sit down and spend a little time here has returned. I’ve missed this space of mine, of ours.
I am dusting off my keyboard and camera.

Stay tuned. I’m back!!



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