elsa :: 6 month update

Now at six months old, two little teeth show when Elsa smiles. She carries on babbling conversations and is always wide-eyed with curiosity. She is the most easy going baby of the four and is adored by her brothers.


Age :: 6 months

Weight :: 21 lbs

Height :: a little over two feet tall

Milestones :: almost without warning, during the week of Christmas, her two bottom front teeth emerged! She is mostly sitting unassisted, except when she is tired. She is rolling front to back, holding her feet while on her back, rocking on all 4’s, scooting backwards while in crawling position, grabbing toys, waving, and moving toward objects with intent.

Sleeping :: she takes a few quick naps throughout the day and will sleep longer if she is held or riding in the car. At night she wakes several times to quickly nurse and then falls back to sleep. Co-sleeping continues to be the best way to keep her close for those night feedings and I, mostly, wake up feeling like I got a good night’s rest.

Foods :: she has been exclusively breast feeding up until last week when we gave her small chunks of banana. This week she had banana again and roughly mashed steamed carrot pieces. She seemed to enjoy both foods and fed herself. We are following the practice of baby-led weaning which allows babies to control their solid food consumption by “self-feeding” from the very beginning of their experiences with food.








Starting Elsa on her first foods is an exciting time, but we are going to take it slow.
It’s all happening way too fast!




6 thoughts on “elsa :: 6 month update

  1. Elsa (and the boys) are so precious. Love seeing pics of their growth and exciting things going on in the Etchell family. Absolutely love the pic of the boys with her. Can you send me file size I can print & frame.

    Send my love and hugs&kisses

  2. She is just adorable!! But then again—She is from that Etchell family!! Loving all the pics and updates–Love you all! XXOO

  3. We love getting your updates and seeing how Elsa is growing. Uncle Al & I both agree that we saw alot of Andy in her. She is such a sweetie pie. XOXO

  4. THese are such adorable pictures Mel – she is a sweetie pie for sure. Looks like her eyes may be like Jasons’.It sounds like her sleep habits during the day are exactly like he was. xoxo

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