her first week home :: Elsa

This first week, or so, little Elsa has been doing all the typical newborn things. Sleeping, nursing, cuddling, filling up her diapers, sleeping some more, nursing some more, and repeat. She has been so relaxed and easy to soothe.

Papa has been home to share in these moments and has been a great help with taking on all the school drop offs and pick ups, grocery shopping and general keeping the house in order. Sadly, he will return to work on Tuesday. It won’t be easy for either of us.

The boys have been amazing in the welcoming their baby sister to our family. They always ask to hold her and keep tabs on whose ‘turn’ it is. They each carry a photo of themselves with Elsa in their school bag and have enjoyed showing it off to friends and teachers. They are anxious for her to have more waking moments and when she does have her eyes open, they exclaim loudly “her eyes are open!” Andy was particularly interested in when her cord would fall off. At one week, it fell off and he said he was happy because it looked like it was ouchy for her.

Earlier this week, Elsa had her first bath in her own tub right beside her brothers. She was relaxed and seemed to enjoy it.




I had a bit of fun taking these photos. Dressing her up with a bow and in my new favorite shade of green. It is a nice alternative to all the pink! I love how she looked on the blanket that Ema made for her…our sweet little baby girl.



The precious moments of these first days and weeks, they go too fast. I want to linger in them. She has me reaching for my camera multiple times a day. Capturing snippets so I will always remember. Papa has caught the shutter bug too and has been snapping some sweet photos to share with family on email.



Our fourth of July weekend will be a hot one. Temperatures are expected to reach above 100*. We plan to keep cool at home, grill some hamburgers and set off the fireworks we have left over from New Years. We wish you all a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “her first week home :: Elsa

  1. Great pictures – enjoy your holiday weekend – yes, we will miss all of you…………………..careful with those fireworks!!!

  2. We love all the precious photos of Elsa and the family. Keep them coming!! I’m sure you are enjoying to be dressing up a little girl! Elsa is so lucky to have 3 loving brothers to watch over her. Enjoy your 4th weekend. Wish you were here to celebrate with all of us at our house. Love to All XOXO

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