this moment :: 29 may

Soccer, or fußball, is the national sport of Germany.  Germans take the sport seriously… very seriously.  Children begin training at an early age, around three years old, and train all year long. At school, it is played during recess and after school the neighborhood kids frequently gather at the local sportzplatz (soccer field).

When Andy said he was interested in playing on a local team, it took us a bit by surprise as we know virtually nothing about the game and Jay, in particular, stinks at the sport.  We were also nervous for Andy, wondering if he would fit in, seeing as the majority of his peers have been playing for several years.  Andy was insistent though so we started taking him to training. He has stuck with it and after several training sessions that allowed him to try it out, he was asked to join the team. Andy is now a passport (yes, he has an actual passport for the team) carrying member of SG Neunkirchen/Föckelberg F-Jungend!

We are so proud of him and his courage to stretch outside of his comfort zone and proud of ourselves for not poisoning him with our anti-soccer propaganda.


Wishing you a great last weekend of May. Is it just me, or did the month fly by!?

I have a feeling June will be an exciting month around here!



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