make it monday :: mod podged map chairs

On the long list of my favorite things about living in Germany is something called Sperrmüll tage or what we Americans overseas call junking day. Twice a year in each village people can put unwanted household items that won’t fit into their regular trash out on the curb. Over the years, I have decorated our home with many items found on junking days. Some of my favorite things are those I picked up on the side of the road, took home and cleaned up. I take the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” literally!

Last fall, I picked up these two old school chairs on the side of the road with the intention of using them in the garden. They sat in our garage until just a few weeks ago when I got the idea to use them for a project I’ve been wanting to do.
I pulled out my old Rand McNally road atlas, tore out a few pages pages and gathered the following supplies.
{1}Mod Podge Matte Finish {2}Poly-sponge Brushes {3}Fine Steel Wool {4}Krylon Dual White Paint+Primer Flat Finish

After cleaning the chairs and letting them dry in the sun, I taped off the seats and sprayed them with an even coat of paint+primer. It took a can of paint for each chair to achieve full coverage.

I then cut the atlas map pages to fit the seat of each chair. Using a sponge brush I painted a thin layer of mod podge on the chair seat. Starting from one corner of the map, I carefully placed it on the chair seat and smoothed it down as I went to avoid air pockets. This step takes a bit of patience as the mod podge will dry fairly quickly and you really want to be sure you have the map placed as you’d like it so you do not have to reposition it.

After placing maps on both chair seats, I applied another thin layer of mod podge on top of the map to form a sealant layer. Be sure to move your brush in the same direction and try not to leave any excess mod podge. This will avoid being able to see brush strokes when it has dried.

I then took my fine grade steel wool and lightly sanded the edges and random surfaces of the chair to give it an weathered look. The last step was to give a light sanding to each chair seat to remove any cloudy spots or obvious brush strokes and give the seats a smooth finish.



This is a fairly inexpensive project when you have most of the items on hand as I did.

My out of pocket cost for this project ::
Two school chairs :: FREE
Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas :: Had on hand {found in a book store approx. $14.00}
Mod Podge Matte Finish :: Had on hand {found in a craft store, 4oz. bottle cost approx. $5.50}
Poly-sponge Brush :: Had on hand {found in a craft store, 3 pack approx. $2.49}
Fine Steel Wool :: Had on hand {found in a hardware store, 12 pack approx. $4.00}
Krylon Dual Paint+Primer Flat Finish :: purchased in hardware store, 12oz can approx. $8.00

DSC_0507:: O-H-I-O ::


Giving these old chairs a fresh look and personalizing them to our family with maps of the states that we are originally from was an easy afternoon project. I am very happy with how they turned out. They will look great in our craft room!



3 thoughts on “make it monday :: mod podged map chairs

  1. Mel- You always come up with such creative ideas–and to personalize them with family roots!! Junking day is a great idea–I would have a tree lawn full of treasures for someone!!!XO

  2. They look just great Mel………………I am always looking for old chairs on someones curb – would love to go to junking day!!

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