snapshots from the weekend :: spring is on our doorstep


treasure hunting :: I visited two of my favorite markets this weekend, the Pfenning bazaar & Homburg flea market and brought home a few lovely items.


in the garden {progress} :: gardening this year while leaning over a huge baby belly will take a little bit of patience and some endurance. but oh, what great meditation.


boys at play :: taking the turtles out on a sunny afternoon, hours of play with the ‘new’ dollhouse & goofing around with Ari.


grateful heart :: handfuls of these sweet little flowers from my boys.image


Although the official start of Spring is still a little over a week away, signs of its arrival are showing everywhere. Little green buds on tree branches, tulips, daffodils and crocuses pushing up through the thawing earth. The sun feels warmer and the air smells sweeter (except when a whiff of manure from the nearby farmer’s fields blows in!)
Spring is here, on our doorstep and I am ready to embrace it!



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