this moment :: 21 weeks {27 february}

Sweet belly kisses like this one from Ari have made this pregnancy extra special. We took well over a dozen pictures as Ari kept saying ‘let’s do it again’!

We are a little more than halfway through this pregnancy and I’ve been feeling good. Here is some of what has been going on ::

:: Food cravings :: Surprisingly, I really haven’t had any.  My diet has consisted mostly of beans-it doesn’t matter what kind!, jalapenos, baked potatoes, pepper jack cheese sprinkled on everything, crunchy granola, clementines and COLD glasses of milk. Red meat is not that appealing to me so it’s chicken or turkey breast.
:: Sleep :: I am sleeping comfortably and deeply. After the first trimester, the frequent waking at night to go potty has ended (for now I guess!). There are about ten pillows on my bed that I arrange ‘just so’ each night before I crawl in. I’ve been thinking I should’ve invested in one of those full body maternity pillows!
:: Action in the womb :: Baby kicks are getting stronger and occur frequently throughout the day. I mostly feel them deep and low in my abdomen. They almost always to seem to begin when Jason is near. I am anxious for the boys to feel them for the first time. I find myself wanting to stop whatever it is that I am doing to sit and enjoy feeling the life inside of me.
:: Daily conversations :: Daily talk about this baby has all three boys curious and interested in the retelling of their own birth stories. It is one of my most favorite things to listen to Jason share each experience with the boys as he remembers. Their questions and commentary are priceless!
:: Baby names :: We each have a top three list of boy’s and girl’s names. Thankfully, Jay’s and mine match up pretty well. The boys have some pretty creative names that we will reserve to use as possible nicknames.
:: Gender reveal :: Our last visit to the doctor was almost four weeks ago. The position of the baby made it tricky to view the genital area on ultrasound.  So we left not knowing for certain.

The next appointment is on 3 March. We are looking forward to peeking in on baby and hopefully getting clarity on whether we will be welcoming a baby boy or girl!

Is there anyone who wants to offer up a guess!?




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12 thoughts on “this moment :: 21 weeks {27 february}

  1. Oh what a gorgeous picture! I think statistically speaking you’re just a smidgen more likely to have a boy but I like bucking trends so I’ll guess girl too!!

  2. Hi Mel–What a sweet photo of Ari giving belly kisses!! Glad you are doing so well. You asked for guesses so let me tell you that I am saying— GIRL!!! Can’t wait to find out for sure. XOXO

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