hello, November


November 1st!! 2014 is winding down and the holidays are upon us. As I write this to you, we officially have 53 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes, and 2 seconds until CHRISTMAS!!! Track it yourself here :: Days til Christmas

We have an official holiday here today. All businesses and retail shops are closed for Allerheiligen {Saints’ Day – All Hallows}, observed by Christians to remember and commemorate the dead. Family members living out of town try to returned to their villages. The day is typically started with church service in the morning, “Allerheiligen Gottesdienst”. The sermon has do with “all saints”, all those, past and present who live a godly life. At noon there is a big family dinner followed by a procession to the cemetery. People visit and spruce up the graves of their loved ones with flower arrangements, a floral heart, a wreath, or a cross made of evergreens and pines. A candle in a large glass jar is then lit and left to burn with the idea that light is necessary for illumination and to see God. Walking through a Friedhof {cemetery}, especially this time of the year, is quite a peaceful experience. In the afternoon, another family gathering takes place at home for “Kaffee und Kuchen” {cake and coffee}. Tomorrow morning begins All Souls’ Day, there is another church service and prayers for the dead.

Halloween was fun last night. Germans are starting to catch onto Halloween, but are not yet going house to house knocking on doors and asking for candy. So we headed to Baumholder and went to the Trunk or Treat event on base and then went door to door there in the housing area. The boys’ made out pretty well. I vowed this year not to sneak candy from their bags and so far I am doing pretty good. It helps that Ari has been so generous in wanting to feed me, letting me taste the candy he likes or just wants to get rid of! Here are some pics from last night.






IMG_3609This is NOT a picture of our pumpkins, just some really cool ones we saw last night. The boys were not into carving pumpkins before Halloween this year. Perhaps being on vacation last week distracted from it. Maybe we will do it this weekend, just for fun and to roast the seeds!

We are taking it slow this weekend. Our day started off with eating candy and watching The Nightmare before Christmas. Steaks & smores’ are on the menu as we close out grilling season. After a week of drinking Sangria in Spain, we are going to mix it up and try an autumn version. Get the recipe here :: Sparkling Autumn Sangria.

In Europe we started Daylight Savings Time last weekend. In the USA, don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight. Darkness by 6pm is not cool, but the extra hour of sleep is awesome! Enjoy the longer weekend!




One thought on “hello, November

  1. The German custom of All Saints Day is lovely – our church here is honoring it as well with rememberances and candle lighting ceremonies. I think it wonderful that these customs still exist today. Enjoy the rest of this glorious weekend! Love you all………………….Ema

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