afternoon outing :: sunshine pumpkin farm

SunshinePumpkinPatchYesterday we were given a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon. We saw it as a perfect time to visit the pumpkin patch at Sunshine Pumpkin Farm.

AndyPumpkinAndy testing his strength. He was determined to lift the biggest pumpkin he could find.

PumpkinPatch2014Ari in search of the Great Pumpkin. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown television special is one of his favorite’s to watch on dvd. We have it checked out from the library year round!

AlexPumpkin2014.1Alex was on a mission of his own in search of the smallest pumpkin.

AlexPumpkinHappy2014After examining more than a dozen for the perfect one, he was happy with this little pumpkin. He plans to draw a face on it.

PumpkinSquashStomping and squishing out the insides of rotting pumpkins became Ari’s game. The field was pretty muddy too so I was happy we all wore our rain boots.

Pumpkins2014Jack-o’-lantern pumpkins on the vine.

Pumpkins2014-2Hokkaido pumpkins are delicious to use in cooking.  The best part is they do not need to be peeled, the skin softens during cooking and then can be blended smooth.

BoysPumpkinPatch2014We would spot a good one, carry it for a few feet and then spot one we liked better.  Choosing our jack-o’-lantern pumpkins took some serious time.

PumpkinsPicked2014Finally, ready to take our pumpkins home. We carried them to the weighing station where the pumpkins totaled 21kg (+/-47lbs) and cost 0.72 euro cents per kg.

AriPumpkin2014 Tired from all the fun, Ari sat down and gave me the perfect moment to capture this photo.

Do you remember a post from two years ago on our first visit to Sunshine Pumpkin Farm? Here is a link to that post a visit to the pumpkin patch :: sunshine farms. For some reason, the post was sent out via email when I linked to it so you will find it in your inbox as well.




For our local readers :: Sunshine Pumpkin Farm is located a few minutes from Landstuhl and open Saturday & Sunday from 1-4. They offer hayrides and special visits for groups. Visit their facebook page Sunshine Pumpkin Farm for more information.

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