from the archives :: {kinderwagen cruising}

Alex (3yo) & Andy (10mo) cruising the streets of Brussels, Belgium in the kinderwagen. || March 2009


Andy (28mo) relaxing in the stroller while Alex (5yo) pushes him in Florence, Italy. || September 2010


On a recent outing it occurred to me that I can not remember the last time we used our stroller or kinderwagen.  They have been packed away in storage, out of sight, for quite a while now.  The days of pushing a stroller around on the cobblestoned streets with my children on-board have passed and it saddens me a bit.  It is yet another entry on the growing list of things in our children’s lives that they have outgrown.  It is all going by so fast, but we will always be transported back to those times through our photographs and for that I am a grateful Mama.




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