snapshots :: september round-up













1 :: This summer, a love for wiffle ball was born (shirts, optional!). We enjoyed it even more with Epa sharing in the action.
2 :: Blackberry Pie. This pie…this delicious pie, was made with handpicked berries from our garden. Baked in a cream cheese crust , taken from the November 2012 Martha Stewart Living back issue. It was melt in your mouth good. With Ema at the helm, it was a combined labor of love. Noted :: Blackberry is Epa’s favorite pie.
3 :: This photo of the boys with Ema & Epa was snapped on an outing to Luisenpark :: a park with a combination of beautiful gardens, animals, playgrounds and of course beer gardens. The photo is now a framed keepsake from a wonderful time spent together.
4 :: A beautiful garden glass ornament that Ema and I made from glass collected on treasure hunting trips together and the local social verkauft (goodwill store). I adore how it looks by the pond.
5 :: Hazelnuts from a tree in our garden. Results from a homemade nutella experiment coming soon.
6 :: Back to school. Andy has proudly joined his brother at the German Grundschule (Primary School) in the neighboring village of Godelhausen. The transition for all the boys went remarkably smooth. Alex has been very patient & helpful showing Andy the ropes and Ari has happily stepped from his brother’s shadow at the kindergarten.  I can now swallow my anxiety ;)
7 :: Our grapevine was fruitful this year. So much so, that I’ve been giving grapes away by the bag full and freezing them for smoothies. If only I could make my own Riesling! A pear tree that was planted in our garden late last year gave us a few small pears to enjoy.
8 :: After kindergarten each afternoon I’ve been enjoying some special one on one time with this little guy while his brothers are still at school. Three going on Four makes for a fun, imaginative companion.
9 :: More goodness from our garden. This is the first of the three years we have lived in this house that our walnut tree has given us nuts. We are stocking up for our holiday baking.
10 :: I am most likely going to get clobbered for sharing this photo, but I just have to do it. Our last weekend was spent cleaning out the woodshed, bringing up wood from the garden that needed dryer conditions for seasoning and splitting, yes SPLITTING firewood. Jay did an amazing job as lumberjack. The boys sat cheering him on and went wild each time he’d split a piece of wood on the first swing. Bonus ::  Men’s Fitness claims it is a great way to carve out a six pack and cardio workout, burning 400-500 calories and hour.
11 :: My job in the firewood fiesta was stacking it all in the woodshed. Sorry, no pics of me in action. Looks like a big game of Jenga, huh?!
12 :: Yes, I think the stacked wood is pretty and I had to take another photo of it!  A cozy fire is in our near future.

As we say goodbye to September and hello to possibly my favorite month of the year, October, I will be posting again more frequently on this little blog.  October, for me, marks the start of the busy season with planning for the upcoming holidays and celebrations. I want to share what we are up to with all of you and hope you continue to enjoy email notifications of new posts in your inbox.  And as always, we love hearing from you!  Much love to all. xoxo



10 thoughts on “snapshots :: september round-up

  1. Such great photos!! Send Jay over to our house–we need some wood split!! Love your garden glass ornament–it looks wonderful in the pond. Also when you learn to make Riesling I will make a trip to drink some with you!! Love you all–Aunt Carol XO

    • Thanks, Aunt Carol! Jay said he will be happy to help split wood when we are home next summer ;) The garden glass ornament was such a fun, creative process. We must’ve stacked the various pieces more than a dozen different ways. I love how it turned out! Much love to you and Uncle Al. xoxo

    • Awe, thank you Markus! If you love the photo of Jay with the axe, you should watch the video Alex took! Jay would’ve killed me for sure if I had shared that!! We love you, too!! xoxo

  2. Melissa, it was so good to read all about you and your family and to see my beautiful sister and Bill with such handsome boys………..Blackberry pie is also one of our favorites and it sounded like a good crust………………. think of you guys often……………, aunt Ade xxoo

  3. Melissa, it was great seeing all of these pictures…………………and reading your comments.
    We had a great time together! We miss all of you so much! xxxxxooooo

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