celebrating andy’s 6th birthday

Around here, we just celebrated the 6th birthday of our sweet, gentle, curly boy, Andy.


We began the festivities earlier in the week with a party at home with friends.

Andy needed a little help from his big brother to blow out the ‘trick’ candles!



On Friday we took off for Legoland, where the birthday boy wanted to spend his special day.





We returned home on Sunday, baked a cake and grilled steaks. Andy opened his gifts (he enjoyed them all–thank you!!). Then he blew out his candles.


As I sat watching him enjoy his cake, I thought of all the milestones that have shaped him into the big boy he is now. He stands an inch taller than Alex did at 6 years, but he very much enjoys being in his big brother’s shadow. Andy is very proud to now be ‘school age’ and both he and Alex are excited that they will be in the same school come fall.


My heart continues to swell and expand as I mother these boys of mine. Celebrating the birth of Andy this Mother’s day was the best gift I could have asked for.



3 thoughts on “celebrating andy’s 6th birthday

  1. Great post and wonderful pictures…………………and my favorite cake too!!! It seems Andy had a wonderful birthday celebration…………………..our six year old sweetie pie! XO

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