a beautiful walk in esslingen am neckar


Located 2hr 25min from our front door and 9 miles southeast of Stuttgart in Southern Germany, the village of Esslingen am Neckar rests on the Neckar River and is surrounded by vineyards.

Esslingen was occupied by U.S. soldiers in April 1945, toward the end of World War II. During the war the city suffered very little damage, most of the medieval appearance of it’s city center has been preserved.

I first caught a glimpse of Esslingen from an American photographer, Laura Boston-Thek, who lives in the village.  Laura has a gift for telling a story through her camera lens. Over the years, through social media, I have enjoyed her colorful stories of Esslingen and she has inspired my own photography.

So when we had a few hours to spare before the Stuttgart Frühlingsfest opened last Wednesday, we decided to check out Esslingen for ourselves and it did not disappoint. Wandering the streets with my camera, I felt like a child in a candy store.  At every turn, something beautiful to be seen and of course photographed.

Here I offer you some highlights from my walk through the beautiful village of Esslingen am Neckar.


Old Town Hall {Altes Rathaus}


Market Square {Marktplatz}
Until 200 years ago this was the location of the Hospital of St. Catherine which was demolished in 1811.  Twice a week the market square hosts a farmers market. The sights and smells entice you to fill up your shopping bag as I did with olives, strawberries and local wine.  The big festivals throughout the year also take place here.


In the top right of this photo you can see ‘The Burg’ sitting high above the town centre. Constructed in the 13th century, The Burg was a defense position on the city wall.
Today it offers gardens to walk in, views to marvel at and a few restaurants.


Church of St. Dionys {Stadtkirche}
In the 17th century, when the south tower started to lean, a support bridge was constructed between the two towers.


View of the Stadtkirche and Sektkellerei Kessler


Spreyer Zehnthof {Sektkellerei Kessler}
Just to the left of the Stadtkirche, as you look at it from the Marktplatz, is a tight road that leads behind it. Here you can find the Spreyer Zehnthof, a seventeenth century barn that was converted into the headquarters of the Sektkellerei Kessler,  the oldest sparkling wine cellar in Germany.



Schelztor Tower {Schelztorturm}
It now stands free, but the gate tower was once a part of a wall and the spot where the Neckar River branch entered the town – a vulnerable spot in case of a siege.  An ice cream shop now occupies the entrance.



St. Nicholaus Chapel
In the middle of a bridge over the Neckar River there is the little chapel of Saint Nicholaus. The chapel is a memorial site for the victims of the Nazi regime and World War II.


Our last view as we ended our visit to Esslingen. This beautiful swan bid us farewell.

We most certainly will return!




7 thoughts on “a beautiful walk in esslingen am neckar

  1. It looks like such a charming village–looking at all of these beautiful pictures is giving me the desire for a return visit someday!! You have such a good eye for photographing the scenery that makes each picture come alive! I always enjoy your photos. XOXO

    • Yes, yes, yes you’ve gotta come for another visit SOON!! Thank you for your kind words on my photographs. You are always a great source of encouragement to me, thank you so very much for that. xoxo

  2. What lovely pictures – we must go there some time! Back to your routine today after what looked to be a wonderful break……………………….enjoy this day! XOXO

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