to every thing there is a season


The passing of another season was marked by the Spring Equinox last week.  I find this predictable flow of the universe to be energizing and it sparks my feel-good endorphins.  The beautiful, sunny and 70 degree weather of which we enjoyed till the last bit of daylight helps, too!  

Some set intentions on New Year’s, but I find Springtime to be when I yearn to start anew. This time of the year brings me a definite feeling of rejuvenation, a quiet awakening of something within, but this year it comes with a bit of restlessness.  More on that in another post, I suppose.

With Spring in bloom, the landscape of our garden is colored with Daffodils {Osterglocken}, Snowbells {Schneeglöckchen}, Crocus {Krokus}, Cherry Blossom {Kirschblüte}, Violets {Veilchen}, and Apple Blossom {Apfelblüte}.  It makes for a nice nature walk without leaving our yard and when done with a little one beside you, it will surely result in a nice bouquet of flowers in a glass jar. 







Wishing all of you a beautiful, sunny Spring day!



6 thoughts on “to every thing there is a season

  1. Mel, what a beautiful post on Spring…..we do have Spring in Florida and welcome it …but we do not have daffodials which I miss…….I buy those at Trader Joes and they make me feel good…love to all of you…..Aunt Ade

    • Aunt Ade,
      There is a farmer’s field close by where you can cut your own daffodils & tulips. It is on the honor system to pay with a list of suggested prices posted. I’ve been a few times along with bringing in cut branches of the cherry blossom and forsythia to force inside…they make me feel good, too! Thank you so much for your note!
      Love to you and Uncle Larry! xoxo

  2. Mel – what a lovely post – Spring is truly God’s gift after a cold winter – another “wonder” to think about. I am very anxious to get home to Ohio springtime but (I have to admit it) – I will anticipate next winter’s snowfall!!! Enjoy your Sunday together………………..such a beautiful family! I love you! Ema

  3. What beautiful Spring flowers–we have yet to get out of the cold winter temperatures here. I looked around my flower beds and still do not see daffodils or crocus poking out!! I too love Spring and feel it makes you feel reborn and everything new for the year! Love to all. Aunt Carol XO

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