corners of our home :: christmastime décor

These long, lingering, lovely days of Christmas break are coming to an end.
Here in Germany, the season lasts until Heilige Drei Könige (Three Kings Day) or Epiphany on the 6th of January.
Reluctantly, last night we packed away the ornaments, unstrung the lights and sent the tree that warmly lit our family room for four weeks out the door. We will take down the rest of the decorations today and store it all away until next year.
But first, a few snapshots!


















When do you take the Christmas decorations down?



6 thoughts on “corners of our home :: christmastime décor

  1. Wow what beautiful photos-everything looks so cozy and festive. It is always so sad to remove the lovely decorations. Happy New Year and our love to everyone. XOXO

    • Thanks, Aunt Carol. We had fun decorating this year. We had only moved in our house a month before and were still in boxes our first Christmas here. Last year, of course, we were in America. So we really got into this year. Jay even hung old timely colored bulb lights outside! xoxo

  2. Your house looks just lovely – we always leave things up until a week after the new year.
    I was reading about people who take things down the day after Christmas and I just could not believe it.
    Mine will be up another week after we get back. XOXO

    • Thanks, Ema. The boys really did a great job helping this year. It was fun to try out their decorating ideas. They actually hung everything but the lights and burlap on the tree:)

      I wonder if those people who take everything down the day after Christmas maybe put their decorations up at Thanksgiving?


      • BTW – I love that print of Santa you have!
        It is true some people put stuff up right after Thanksgiving, but taking it down before the new year is just seems too soon!! XO :)

      • The santa print is actually a tapestry. It is unfinished on the edges and has no backing. I loved it so much and wasn’t sure how to display it. That was until I found that amazing frame in someone’s trash pile! It was a perfect fit and hung so well in that space.

        “One man’s trash, is another’s treasure!”

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