with a twinkle in his eye

On a bitter cold night, the boys and I waited for his arrival. The bearded one in a red suit was to arrive in Baumholder to help light the community Christmas tree and visit with the children.

The crowd sang Jingle Bells and chanted “Santa, Santa, Santa.”  In a grand scene, sirens roared and blue lights pierced the dark sky.  As the fire engine approached, we caught a glimpse of him in the window waving to the crowd like royalty.  Santa stepped from the fire engine as cheers and applause erupted.  He let out a boisterous “Ho, Ho, Ho” and made his way to the unlit tree.

It was at this point that I seriously thought I would loose the contents of my stomach.  You see this wasn’t just any mall Santa.  It was my husband and I was nervous for him. What if a child asked for something that was totally impossible?  What if the costume made a child cry.  What if, what if, what if?

As I watched him make his way to the gazebo where he would spend the evening asking “what would you like for Christmas?” the nervousness left me. I thought to myself “He’s got this.” After all, Jason is warm & welcoming, has a twinkle in his eye and looks great in red!

The evening was a success. Santa received many hugs and I love you’s from the children.






To view more photos of the event visit this photo set :: Baumholder Christmas Tree Lighting

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