colmar, france

Whew, what a week! The boys started back to school and Jay had a big inspection at work. The Mama shuttle is back in service and logged many miles this week with pick ups, after school play dates and swimming practice.

Four letters sum it up TGIF!!

In the scattered bits of quiet time, I managed to sift through the 100’s of photos taken during our trip to France and Alex’s birthday. Today I am sharing some pics from beautiful Colmar, France.


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Just 2.5 hours from our doorstep, Colmar is located in the Alsace region of France. Alsace is the smallest French region, located in the northeast of France on the Border with Germany and Switzerland. This region changed nationalities many times in the course of history between France and Germany resulting in an intermingling of French and German influences.

Colmar avoided major destruction in the many conflicts over the centuries. To wander the old town with the beautiful half timbered buildings adorned with shutters and overflowing flower boxes is like stepping back in time.


Colmar is the birthplace of sculptor, Bartholdi, who created the world-illuminating Statue of Liberty.  Caricaturist Jean-Jacques Waltz, nicknamed Hansi, was also born here.


:: Hansi’s artwork ::



:: The ‘Petite Venise’ district::








:: Dominican Church ::



Colmar is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I would agree with that and definitely recommend it. We enjoyed our visit to this charming town and would love to visit again during the Les Marchés de Noël de Colmar {Christmas market} as I can imagine the old town illuminated and decorated like a fairy tale.



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