make it monday :: burlap button monogram

Months ago, while feeding my Etsy addiction, I came across framed burlap button monograms.  I have to admit, lately I’ve had a thing for monograms, but I just couldn’t see spending $40-$65.  So I decided to dip into my button & burlap stash and give it the ole “do-it-myself” try.

It ended up being a quick, easy project.  I was happy enough with the results to hang it in the family room and share it with you here.


After gathering the materials, the project took less than an hour.

Start with a sheet of burlap trimmed to the size of the backing of your frame plus about a half inch all the way around so you have enough material to fold it over. Heat the iron a on low setting and press the burlap to dewrinkle and flatten fibers.

Using your favorite word program, choose a bold font and size it to fit your frame and print it on plain white paper.  I used the font Engravers MT – sized at 700.  Slide the printout between the burlap and the backing of the frame.  If your burlap has a loose weave, you will be able to see the letter beneath the fabric and use it as a guide to place the buttons. If your burlap has a tighter weave, cut the letter out, place it on top of the fabric and use a pencil to trace around it.

Now comes the fun part, arranging your coordinating buttons on the fabric. Don’t worry about adhering them just yet! Using the larger buttons on bottom, work to fill in the letter.  Be sure to cover the edges of the letter with the edges of the buttons as you go. Then layer, filling in gaps, with the smaller buttons. Once you’ve achieved the final look, it is time to glue the buttons onto the fabric. Working in sections, remove a few buttons at a time and rebuild the layers adhering the buttons as you go.  I used Aleene’s tacky glue pen.  You could also use glue dots or any other glue that dries clear.


Once the glue dries, it is time to assemble your project. Remove the printed paper monogram from between the burlap and frame backing.  Lightly spray the front side of the frame backing and center the burlap button monogram onto it. Most spray adhesive is pretty tacky and will allow you to reposition the burlap until you get it perfectly centered.  Now fold over the excess burlap and staple along the edges.  You will want to make sure the staples won’t be visible from the front of the project.  I started to staple the burlap and then decided I didn’t need to since the frame had little metal brads that would help hold it in place.


There you have it, you are done!

Now hang your beautiful creation or give it as a gift!


What projects are on your “do-it-yourself” list?

If you’re inspired to, leave a link to your ‘project’ in the comments.




8 thoughts on “make it monday :: burlap button monogram

  1. Mel–that is soooo cute–your are so creative–maybe I will try to do a G for us!!Thanks for the idea. Love Aunt Carol

    • Aunt Carol, you would really enjoy this project. Give it a go! You know I just love hanging big letters on our walls (like big E’s & A’s), but had to mix in another texture with the wood:) xoxo

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