in our kitchen :: strawberry shortcake

Sweet, fluffy angel food cake + plump, savory strawberries (I picked up a pound of strawberries this weekend for $0.99!!) topped with luscious, fresh whipped cream = a sweet, simple summer favorite.

1/2 inch thick sliced Angel Food Cake (thank you Betty Crocker!)
1 pint strawberries, hulled and quartered
1 Tbsp sugar
1/4 c heavy cream
1 Tbsp vanilla sugar or 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract + 1 Tbsp sugar

Mix berries with 1 Tbsp sugar and let sit to draw out juices. Combine cream, vanilla sugar (or 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract + 1 Tbsp sugar) and beat at high speed until soft peaks form –it may take a few minutes depending on the humidity. I find using a cold metal bowl and cold cream speeds up the process. Top each slice of cake with 1 Tbsp strawberries with juice and a generous dollop of whipped cream.


Love to all,


5 thoughts on “in our kitchen :: strawberry shortcake

  1. My favorite summer dessert!! Your presentation is beautiful!! I’m out to the store to by some strawberriesfor tonight’s dessert!! XOXO

    • Carol, How’d yours turn out!? Do you basically make it the same way? I’ve read other variations including basalmic and mint but never wanted to mess with a classic. I am curious about the price of strawberries stateside. Much Love xoxo

      • Mel–I do make my dessert the same way–I just bought an already made angelfood cake at the supermarket bakery–strawberries were $2.50 for a quart container of large berries. I got about 6 servings from them. Delicious!! XOXO

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