make it monday :: ruler growth chart

Since Alex’s first birthday, over 6 years ago, the door on the pie chest (turned wine cabinet) has been the place we record the children’s height.

This January, while measuring Ari on his first birthday, Alex nearly reached the top of the door!

It was time to find a more permanent, portable way to record our fast growing boys.

Here’s how we made our Ruler Growth Chart:

First step was to purchase a 6.5 ft tall x 8 in wide board from the local hardware store. I went with pine wood as it was under $5.00.

Next, I stained the board with Minwax water based walnut stain and let it dry for about 6 hours.

While waiting for the stain to dry, I hopped on my computer to prepare the numbers. I used Word and played around with different fonts & sizes until I was happy with the look. I ended up using Century Schoolbook at 400pt. I then printed and cut the numbers (1-6) out.

After the stain was completely dry, I pulled out my pencil and started drawing lines every 1 inch along the side of the entire board. I knew I wanted to hang my growth ruler on the wall, so I started making lines at 6 inches to account for the distance it would start from the floor. This ended up giving me a ruler that appeared to be nearly 7 ft tall. Also, to make sure it looked like a ruler, the quarter lines were drawn 2 inches long and the eighth lines 1 inch long.

After the lines were drawn, I placed the cutout numbers on the board where they should go and traced around them using a pencil.

Next came the ink. Using a Sharpie Marker, I retraced all the pencil lines and filled in the numbers.

Jay then took the door off the pie chest and transferred the measurements to our new growth ruler.

Our new growth ruler was now ready to hang! We simply attached a picture hanger to the back and measuring 6 inches from the floor, we hung it on the wall using a nail. We did hammer another nail at the bottom of the board to secure it to the wall.

Transferring the measurements from the pie chest door



Finished project hanging in the hall by the boys’ room.

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14 thoughts on “make it monday :: ruler growth chart

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    • Hi Paula!
      Yes, we used a wide tipped sharpie marker and did not bother with sealing it. The numbers have not scratched off and have not faded. Thanks for your question. Have fun with this project!

  2. Hi! We were trying to make one of these for our little guy but I don’t know how to get a font to go up to 400 pt.; they seem to top out at 72 pt. in Word, etc.

    • Hi Matt! Thanks for your question. To change the font size in Word to a size higher than 72 pt., you first need to highlight the text in your document. Next, click the font size box and highlight the existing number. Then type the number you’d like and press Enter. Depending on your font style, you will need to play around with the size. Using Century Schoolbook, 400 pt. was just right for the size board I used. I wish you all the best with your project. We love measuring our three ‘little’ ones as they grow, usually on birthdays. They get excited too and it has been fun to compare their height at different ages!

  3. What a nice idea! We measure them @ the
    kitchendoor ;)
    When we move out, we have to take
    them with us (lol)!
    hugs from Brussels Sabrina & Co.

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