Happy Birthday Mama….Take 2!

Today we celebrate the birth of our wonderful mama and my just-gets-more-and-more-beautiful-and-amazing-with-age wife.

After getting all the candles lit but before the first word of “Happy Birthday” could be sung, soulful Andy immediately blew as hard as he could, extinguishing half the candles.  Now one might think it was because he was so excited to help his mama, but those of you out there who know Andy, you know better.  The fact is, since 9am this morning and about every hour on the hour, Andy had asked me when we could eat the cake.  So Andy’s trigger happiness was really because he wanted to get the formalities out of the way and eat some cake already! (BTW….”Not until after dinner” has now surpassed “Knock it off!” as my most oft uttered phrase.)  Anyway, as a result of Andy’s premature exhalation, we had to relight the candles and start over.  This shot, entitled “Happy Birthday….Take 2”, shows big brother Alex taking it upon himself to ensure Andy wouldn’t make the same mistake twice……What a rich, rich man I am.  Happy Birthday, my Love!  How grateful we are that you were born.  Love, J

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mama….Take 2!

  1. What a priceless family! Thanks for sharing your life with me. The boys are priceless and to Andy trying to get the formalities out of the way, I am with you all the way. Let’s get to the cake! Happy birthday my friend!

  2. Melissa–Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day–the cake looks delicious–wish we were there!! Love Aunt Carol & Uncle AL XOXO

  3. Melissa – again Happy Birthday – what a lovely tribute to you from J and your boys…………………..what a sweet, sweet celebration – wish we were there for cake too!
    We love you very much. XXOO Ema and Epa

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