Fa, La, La, La, Lyla sighting

On the way home from the Wiesbaden Christmas Market last night, we made a stop at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC) on Ramstein Air Force Base and look who we ran into….

No, they are not the best photos as they were taken with my phone camera, but YES, that is Minka Kelly. Otherwise known as Lyla Garrity, from Friday Night Lights!!

As she entered the food court,  we weren’t really sure if it was her.  Jay called her name and she stopped and waved.  When we asked for a photo, she hesitated and said “after”, but a man holding a baby is hard to resist!

Minka was visiting Ramstein on a USO tour along with recording artist/American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, NBA star Robert Horry and comedian Thomas ‘Nephew Tommy’ Miles.   You can read the press release about the tour here.

We only recently started enjoying visits to Dillon,TX  when the children are tucked in for the night.  Friday Night Lights is a great show (thanks for the recommendation Ali!). We are anxious for third season to arrive at the library.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

Apparently, we missed Tom Cruise’s visit to Ramstein last weekend. Have you had a chance encounter with a celebrity?

Love to all,


3 thoughts on “Fa, La, La, La, Lyla sighting

  1. WOW!!! That one ups Chris, last year, no joke, he ran into Buddy Garrity at an Observer event! Pretty cool guys!!! Texas Forever :)

  2. Wow, well that was cool………………………..now, let me know if Coach Taylor is coming and I will be on the next plane!!!!! We are waiting for season 3 from the library as well!!! XXOOO We miss you!

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