Weekend in Paris

One of Andy’s favorite movies is Ratatouille.

The scene when Remy emerges from the sewer to find that he has been living under Paris, France was the inspiration for our recent weekend getaway.

Our room at the Hotel Gare Du Nord Suede was comfortable with a great view of the beautiful Sacre Coeur.

Breakfast included pastries in our room from a nearby pâtisserie.

We spent the rainy morning/midday at a great science museum, Cité des Sciences et Industrie. While there, the boys enjoyed the planetarium and an interactive children’s play area.

We then headed to Angelina Tearoom to recharge our batteries with a pot of their “world famous” hot chocolate l’Africain and dessert called the Mont Blanc.

meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelli

Andy hesitated in sharing his dessert and then decided he'd like to feed Alex.

Paris has plenty of green spaces and playgrounds for families to enjoy.

We had a wonderful weekend exploring the city and look forward to returning.

Love to all,


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Paris

  1. You need to send me some of these pics especially the whole family—-They are wonderful!!! Loved seeing Jason during Grandmas B day but I wish I would have saw ALL of you!! You all look great! Love you all! XXXXXOOOOO

  2. Everyone looks great and it looks like you were all having a wonderful time!!
    The desserts looked delicious!! Love Ault Carol & Uncle Al XOXO

  3. What great pictures………………everyone looks so happy!
    All I can add is……………………WOW!!!
    What a beautiful family! We hope to see you soon (maybe!) XXOO Ema and Epa

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