8 months old!


* 8 months old
* 19.7 lbs
* pulling himself up
* two bottom teeth and two more coming in on top
* current hobby: trying to eat the dirt out of the floor plants

boy, is he growing fast!

Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you….you might want to turn the volume down on this video….my voice is seriously obnoxious.

Hope you enjoy it otherwise :-)

Standing Tall from Etchell Family on Vimeo.

Love to all,


4 thoughts on “8 months old!

  1. The video brought smiles to our faces!!It is so nice to watch and to hear your voice (very pleasant–not obnoxious at all!) Uncle Al & I were smiling along with Ari and his big smile!! Ari has gotten to be a big boy already!! We miss all of you! Love Aunt Carol & Uncle Al XOXO

  2. WHAT HAPPENED?! He was just a newborn, Melissa!! What a living doll, oh my word. Your voice was so cute – along w/ that big smile of his – it just made me laugh! Kisses for everyone!

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