Nature Walk ~ Bois du Sépulcre

“The Bois du Sépulcre south of Brussels near Nivelles, also known as the Jonquil or Yellow Forest, is at its best during the first half of March (weather permitting) when the wild daffodils are in bloom. A ramble through the woods with its daffodil-strewn spring undergrowth makes a nice family outing. Wear boots.”

With these words we were inspired to set out on a nature walk.

Sunday, March 6th

We returned to the forest over the weekend. The temperature was warmer and the daffodils were in bloom.

Sunday, March 20th

We hope you are enjoying the arrival of Spring.

Remember this post from a year ago?

Love to all,

♥ me

2 thoughts on “Nature Walk ~ Bois du Sépulcre

  1. Thanks for sharing you have such a great eye for photography. I love the pic of the boys walking, and the one of Andy he looks so big! Love yall and wish I was there.

  2. oh, what a great sunny sunday! looks absolutely inspiring .. spring is finally here and your boys seem to enjoy every bit of it! what a lovely family ;-)

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