play date :: Meta

Meta and Alex are in the same class at the International Deutsche Schule of Brussels (the German School).  Both Alex and Meta would speak fondly of one another at home.  We started having play dates with Meta a few months ago as one day Meta’s Mom, Katharina, invited us to their house for the first time.  I brought Andrew along too and he enjoyed playing with Meta’s little sister Freya. Today was the first time that Meta stayed without Mom and they both children did wonderfully.  We are so glad she spent the afternoon with us. Meta’s family is moving to Scotland in a few weeks and we will surely miss our play dates with them.

Meta & Alex

Playdoh is a hit for any play date.

Andy joined in the fun.

I must admit, I have come to look forward to play dates.  To see Alex in his play glory with his friend and to share in some mom talk with my new friend.  It continues to amaze me how children remind us of the important things in life.

Did you have a favorite play date friend growing up? Tell us about it!

Love to all,


One thought on “play date :: Meta

  1. Just finished getting caught up on the blog – it is great – loved the boys in the little dentist off. chairs……………Epa will enjoy his birthday message – he is golfing now but I will show it to him later on………..great to see all of these pics……….thanks! XXOO Ema

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