day trip :: Aachen, Germany

Our Saturday started out rainy but the clouds soon gave way and we decided to hit the road again. This time we headed for the border.  Leaving Belgium, crossing into the Netherlands briefly, we arrived at Aachen, Germany.  The drive was about 1h 30min.  Andrew enjoyed a nap.  Alex kept busy with his books and singing along with his playlist on the iPod.

Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany and a historic spa city in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. It was a favored residence of Charlemagne, and the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany.

We were intrigued by the beautiful city upon arriving. Alex had his mission: find a toy store. Shopping was a treat as familiar stores lined the pedestrian walking streets. I found an excellent craft store (they even carried fabric!) a euro store (our version of a dollar store) and beloved Nanu Nana.

After several hours of exploring, we settled in the cozy little restaurant Rose am Dom for lunch. Jay enjoyed Schwein Schnitzel with mushroom sauce and fries while I had the Schwein Geschitzels with a mushroom gravy, salad and fried potatoes. The portions were large enough to share with the boys. We washed it all down with a few Gölsch, a pilsner, and apfelschorles (apple juice mixed with sparkling water)

It was a lovely day. We are already planning to go back on 21 March for a big flea market. :-)

Interesting statues like this one were found around the city.

Mama & Andy

Big Al.

Andy man

The restaurant we ate lunch in

St. Stephen

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